The world is too beautiful and inspiring to be overlooked. I paint because nature is astonishing and beauty is healing.

 In the last few years my work as an architect became entangled with my work as an artist. Over time, I let my art take over. I needed a different way to relate to the world and expressing myself through painting has given me the freedom to recreate the world around me with color, texture and the contrasts that I have seen growing up in Brazil and now living in California. At the root of my work is a deep love for nature and environmental responsibility. Landscapes are not just the pristine views of the ocean and the deep green forests. I cherish those, but I also love the big cities and urban landscapes, with their grit and chaos and surprises. My work weaves through and brings together these two, at first very dissimilar sides of our world. The free flowing natural environment is juxtaposed with disjointed man made places. Sometimes these connections present themselves in what I call “mindscapes”, my own interpretations and representations of how I see the world. In the end, I seek the connections that show that at the center of these very different constructs, it all stems from the complex entanglements and human desires to seek meaning in place and a sense of belonging.

Would you like to get a piece commissioned? Let’s talk!

If you have a special place in your life and would like to talk about getting it interpreted in a painting, I would be honored to work with you. My goal is to represent your feelings for the place and through color, texture and light. Send me a message and we can discuss the details.